Blender donut

Donut 🍩 and milk 🥛 please!
FINALLY after a break of 4 months I have returned to this donut and finished this tutorial 🙂
I did my best to experiment with lighting, textures and materials, and I wanted to push it even further (add some neons, work more on the wall) but then I would be posting this next year 😂
I have to admit I watched plenty of other tutorials to make the table, spoon, stools and ground. (I kinda half as*ed the wall but maybe one day I might come back to it and sculpt it tile by tile, or find out a way to create depth!)
I chose milk instead of coffee because I rarely drank coffee back when I started this tutorial 😂
I tried baking these donuts in real life and it look much less time 😬 But the satisfaction of seeing my first ever 3D designs render is incomparable!
Next step would be the animation 😅 I hope it doesn’t take another 4 months to render (though it might!!!)
So yea finally I’m done with this tutorial
What do you guys think?

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