Hello it’s me, Monkey!

Hello it's me, Monkey - Rosane Chawi no grain-01
First of all I haven’t used this quarantine time to do ANYTHING productive. Y’all can feel good about yourselves slacking in pjs and such!
I barely managed (after 8262827722 days) to find the inspiration to do this small drawing to say HELLO! 🐵
This ain’t your regular stay safe post cause I’m sick of being told to stay safe!
I wanna stay dangerous, adventurous and free (at heart) and I think y’all should too!
Of course I’m washing my hands and wearing a mask… MOSTLY TO COVER MY BIRTHMARK! Kidding…
Anyone tried these locally made blue masks? I like the color but they feel WEIRD!
In case you were wondering when you’ll see me in chapter 2 again, I HAVE NO IDEA!

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