Monkey – Chapter 1

My name is Moni, and my school days weren’t that awesome…

monkey chapter 1 by rosane chawi-02

it was obviously due to that peculiar birthmark on my face… it attracted a lot of unwanted attention…

monkey chapter 1 by rosane chawi-03

I thought uni days would be better, that I could hide it with my hair… People were nice to my face, just not behind my back, I cloud hear them though!

monkey chapter 1 by rosane chawi-04

All of that changed the day Prof. White had an urgent call from his divorce lawyer, forcing him to leave the classroom. I never saw him in such hurry, he’s always been the cool and collected type, I guess it must be related to his son…

On that day he forgot his laptop, the laptop that holds the code to his secret billion dollar IT firm, a code that once cracked, gets you a job in the firm: I.T.F.P.Q.T

monkey chapter 1 by rosane chawi-05

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