2 replies to “Mélodie Bloo

  1. Hi I wanted to say hello. You have the color and rhythmic patterns of Matisse when he was doing the cut-out/ collage in later life.. I wish I had your illustrative ability. This is truly beautiful. If you bridge into animation, please inform me on which programs you use as I would like to learn how to do that as well.

    1. Hello,
      it’s sweet that you associate my style to Matisse’s cut-outs 🙂 I just checked your gallery and I loved your style. You see you can scan your drawings, and trace them on illustrator. I use adobe illustrator for the shapes I do, the pencil tool shall be your friend, cause it allows you to freely draw any shape you like, and fill it. Since on illustrator you work on paths, each path can be selected and you can change the fill color and the mode/opacity of the shape (i use the multiply mode a lot, and other things like hard light/difference/overlay….)
      Once you’re done tracing your drawing you can copy it and paste it in photoshop, and maybe add a background or change hue and colors.
      Hope it was helpful, update me with any stuff you try 🙂


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