Gender Identity

When we speak of gender equality, we talk about equal social, political and financial rights between the two sexes.
But gender identity is about one person’s identification in a gender: Male or Female.
While the developed countries are achieving gender equality, gender identity is being questioned;
In an equal society where men and women have no behavioral differences, it seems like the only factor marking identity is biological: Physical attributes.
How does gender equality impact individuals?
For instance, gender differentiation limit one person’s choices and freedom, our differences are not only marked by biological structure, but are also imposed by society. Norms were set to dictate the behavior of each gender, thereby forcing polarization and tension between the two sexes. This division also occurs on political, religious and racial matters, regarding its causes and motives, it only makes the masses divided, easily controlled and less intelligent.
On a personal point of view, I think that the less we belong to a gender, the more free we are, the more we are ridding ourselves from unnecessary social norms.
In my illustration I talk about gender confusion, which is the state of not belonging to any identity of gender, not in a biological way (hermaphrodite), but in a cerebral way. So this whole debate about bringing the two sexes together, will it create equality or confusion?

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