Berg magazine cover

My cover layout for berg. Berg is a magazine created for a uni project, each one of us had to come up with a concept for it and the visuals, and here’s mine.

Berg Magazine:

Concept: Creating a character for the magazine, called Mister Bergmänn.

Mister Bergmänn: Dressed in his dark brown suit, sometimes we see him sometimes he disappears. Not because of magic, but because he mastered the art of withdrawing himself, without anybody’s notice. He does it so often that it became his personality. Why is he hiding from us? WHAT is he hiding from us. Some claimed that he’s a writer, but with a secret passion for photography and illustration. Every month he shows us some of the art he appreciates, but keeps the rest for himself, only to tease us to discover!
“It will take you a hundred years to discover everything I know!” he once said. But should we take him seriously or not? Meanwhile we enjoy what he has to offer us, excited for more.

Magazine concept: A never ending discovery of the hidden secrets in the underworld of illustration and photography.

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