3 replies to “L’ascenseur – de Dino Buzzati

  1. Brillante :-})

    I love the fluidity of the panels and the characterization. The lady is rather very interesting and beautifully drawn and so is the man for that matter ;-}) I wonder where have I seen her!

    Loved the “ascenseur tres rapide” panel …

    Great work!

    Will definitely stalk your work and this blog Miss Chawi ;-})

  2. :-})

    I don’t like it I love it :-})

    I studied French at elementary school until 7th grade. I can read it and understand most of it when spoken especially that I watch a lot of French films. Best films ever! But when it comes to conversations I go into Dopey mode due to lack of practice ;-})

    Your work in the past few weeks has become very inspiring if not amazing. Keep it up Miss Chawi :-})

    Waiting to be further astounded …

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